Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A summer dream poem.

I dreamed you were near me
The other night
Our words poured out to each other
Hearts on our sleeves
Something else in our eyes
More on our lips
Bodies twist and writhe
In the dead of night
Like stars drawn together
In beautiful collisions
We are doomed in gravity
Unable to escape
Or ever forget
Suddenly there
Together again
Because we can't stay away.

The light finally comes
The birds trumpet the dawn
I feel myself fighting
Resisting the Sun
A hopeless fight
And I sigh because
You weren't really there.

Oh that summertime, folks. Makes you think crazy things with the hot night air rolling in through the window. There are crickets outside, and maybe I hear a couple frogs. Crickets, you best cool your jets for a few, don't wanna give away your positions.
Apparently I'm having sex dreams again. Weird. That hasn't happened in a DAMN long time, although I'm not necessarily complaining. Three damn nights in a row, now. Who knows what's next.

On a completely unrelated note, today is my birthday! I'm a ripe old 23 this year. It seems like every year on my birthday I tell myself it's time to get my act together and be an adult. Well hell. Maybe I'm as "adult" as I'll ever be. I guess that wouldn't be the worst thing? I've definitely known a few people who are worse at being a grownup than I am. Growing up is overrated anyways.

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