Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I hate "designers", and the shit they make.

I hate the current "design" fad that seems to be going around. It seems like I can't stumble across more than four websites without some fucking blog about design shit. Be it furniture or product packaging, they always show up, and they always disappoint.

People seem to have this idea in their heads that "design" is the most important part of a product. Fucking no it isn't. Deliver a functional, well-made thing, and people will buy it anyways. This design boom seems to be a symptom of a larger disease. Companies make flimsy, useless junk and try to promote the hell out of it with "design", to try to attract consumers to buy their flimsy junk instead of their competitor's equally poorly made flimsy junk.

"Designers are artists", no, they're hacks. Using blocky letters and off-white backgrounds, and continuing to leach off of "indie" culture that isn't even relevant anymore. There are no more new ideas. I can assure you, if you do something, someone else has already done it.

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