Monday, April 4, 2011

You ever have that feeling?

You ever have that feeling like you want to get something off of your chest and you know you have nowhere private to do it? That's right now for me. Even here in my little unknown, cobwebbed, dark corner of the internet, because I don't know who I know who, or how many people I may or may not know might read this.

If people I don't know read this, no biggie. You don't know me, you don't know parties A, B, or C. If people I DO know read this

God Damnit.

So let's say party A wants to give something to party B. This gift from party A is something very precious and should be an honor to get. Except party B doesn't give a shit about the gift and thinks that party A should be giving this gift to someone who will appreciate it way more. Because honestly, sometimes party B is an asshole. Party B is well aware of this.

Also there's a party C that apparently has no idea they are even involved in the equation.

Oh well.

Here's lookin at you, party C.

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