Monday, July 12, 2010

Time just broke my mind.

I've decided I might not believe in time. I was on Facebook chat with a buddy of mine (Hi Matt, if you ever read this). As is our custom we began an unannounced battle of words and wit, mostly just circular logic and trying to confuse each other. That's the context.

The actual event occurred when in the course of the conversation I think I said something along the lines of "Yeah but "now" is a word that applies to such a minute amount of time as to be nearly or completely insignificant". That's when my brain broke for a weird second. It's so true, there is really no such thing as now. Such a rapid passage of a moment should have no meaning whatsoever, it's not enough time for anything to happen. Right now I'm trying to visualize a concept for the word "now" but all I can really imagine is a graph of an asymptote, with the zero being absolutely nothing, and the definition of "now" is the function being represented. (I don't even like math.) The definition of "now" continues to approach closer and closer to zero and therefore nothingness but it never actually touches, the moment of now just becomes infinitely smaller and smaller and less meaningful. Think about that. Like not even enough time for an electron to move at all, much less orbit around something.

That was the first part. Then I thought about (as I was writing the first part, actually) about the future, which doesn't exist yet. And the past, which doesn't matter anymore because it is over. So I think time might just be a hoax, like I understand how people use time to give a frame of reference to their lives and actions and all that good stuff. But I don't know if it actually exists in the traditional sense at all. Some people say that time is supposedly the fourth dimension, but I dunno.

Like I said, I over analyze junk a lot. Like A LOT.

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